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“Edmonton Movers Pro exceeded my expectations! The team was punctual, professional, and handled all my belongings with care. Moving can be stressful, but they made the entire process seamless. Highly recommend their services!”

Your Trusted Edmonton Residential Movers

At Edmonton Movers Pro, we provide quality residential moving services at the best price. Whether you’re moving within or far from the city, we can be your perfect companion. Our expert hands will ensure your valuable household items are delivered in the ideal condition.

Residential Movers in Edmonton

Trustworthy Moving Company in Edmonton

Edmonton Movers Pro has been surfing the waves of the moving industry for a long time. As a result, we have seen and done everything related to relocation. Our folks complete hundreds of residential moving jobs in a year. Hence, no matter how complex or big your request is, it’s not new or tough for us. We have done it before.

As a moving company, we are not like others. What we promise in the beginning, we provide it to our customers no matter what. For this reason, at today’s date, we are a trustworthy name in Edmonton for moving requests. From the best employees to the fastest moving trucks, to the most recent technology, we have everything here for you.

So, don’t just wait and think of an imaginary situation. Contact us today and we will give you the best possible relocation experience in your life.

John D.
John D.
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"Fantastic experience with Edmonton Movers Pro! They were efficient and took great care with my furniture and boxes. The team was friendly and worked quickly. If you need reliable movers, look no further!"
Sher M.
Sher M.
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"Moving can be a hassle, but Edmonton Movers Pro made it so easy. They arrived on time, were very organized, and treated my things like their own. I couldn’t have asked for better service. Thanks again!"
Michael R.
Michael R.
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"Edmonton Movers Pro did a great job with my move. The team was professional and worked diligently. My only minor complaint was a slight delay in arrival, but overall, I was very satisfied with their service."
Emran S.
Emran S.
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"Highly recommend Edmonton Movers Pro! The movers were polite, efficient, and very careful with my belongings. They made sure everything was packed and moved safely. Excellent service from start to finish."
Jessica T.
Jessica T.
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"I had a great experience with Edmonton Movers Pro. They were on time, very professional, and handled my move without any issues. The pricing was fair, and the quality of service was outstanding. Would definitely use them again!"
Daniel S.
Daniel S.
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"Edmonton Movers Pro provided solid service for my recent move. The team was friendly and careful with my items. There was a slight mix-up with one of the boxes, but it was resolved quickly. Overall, very happy with their service."

Why Edmonton Movers Pro?

25 Years of Experience

We have been surfing the waves of the moving industry for over two decades now. For this reason, we understand how to operate a residential move. Our movers have done thousands of moves of all possible categories in house moves. Hence, completing your Edmonton residential move with utmost success won’t be a big issue for us.

Top Professionals in the Game

Edmonton Movers Pro believes in professionalism more than anyone. For this reason, our movers will never be late for the job. They will arrive at the specified time on the appointed day of the move at your old place. In operation, our folks will be fast enough to make the downtime less than usual.

Friendly and Hard-Working Movers

We hire and recruit the most enthusiastic movers from across the country. After that, we train and groom them to be field-ready for all kinds of moving jobs. This is why the service we offer nobody else in the city can do. Our movers are problem solvers, they are friendly, polite, and always ready to help you out.

Wide Range of Moving Solutions

At Edmonton Movers Pro, we offer our clients a comprehensive number of moving solutions. For this reason, you can choose what you want. For example, if you need packing supplies and delivery services, we can provide them. Also, you can customize the services as you please.

Fastest Moving Trucks in Town

We have more than 20 moving trucks and other state-of-the-art equipment for your moving job. We make sure to regularly maintain and check these vehicles before going on a job. So, don’t worry, our trucks will deliver your valuable assets with utmost safety and security.

Affordable Moving Service

Moving can be expensive, especially if you are moving far. As a result, most people cannot afford a quality relocation. For this reason, we have the most competitive hourly rates in Edmonton. You can choose our services without worrying about breaking the bank. Also, our prices are honest and transparent, so, no hidden fees or other charges.

Best Residential Moving Service With Competitive Rates

When we first started our main company, Calgary Movers Pro, being honest towards our customers was one of the main objectives. We’ve always thought of our customers as family. For this reason, we are never dishonest about all the pricing. Whatever you see in the quote, you only pay for that. Nothing much, nothing less.

At Edmonton Movers Pro, we always care about our customers. For this reason, we keep our hourly rates competitive, and we never deviate from our initial estimate. If there is something to add, we will ask you and then add it to the tab. Otherwise, there will be no deviation, and you will only pay for the things you want.

There are no hidden fees with us. So, in total, the amount of honesty and transparency we show, nobody else can show that in the industry.

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Best Residential Movers

Best Junk Removal Service in Town

Junk Removal is one of the most important factors in a residential move. No one wants to see their places dirty after or before a moving project. That’s why we offer the best possible junk removal service in Edmonton. Our folks will arrive at your place timely, clear everything up, and make sure to leave the place like new.

It’s possible that you don’t have time to clean up your place. In this case, our folks can easily do that for you. We have the best facilities to remove all kinds of junk from your place as quickly as possible. Also, we can clear an existing place if you want. In this case, you only need to show us the way. And our employees will look after the rest.

Trusted by the best

Hire the Best Residential Movers in Edmonton Today!

Are you looking for the best residential moving company in Edmonton? If yes, you are just in the right place. Edmonton Movers Pro offers quality moving at the most reasonable rates. We have the best technology, skillful movers, and top-notch structure for you.

Hiring our company means you have nothing to worry about. Our talented movers will look after each and every detail of your move. All you have to do is to show us around. So, don’t think too much. Contact our agents to get you free moving quotes today!

How We Operate a Residential Move!

At Edmonton Movers Pro, we take all the stress out of your residential move. Whether it’s a long move or a local one, we do things the best way. Here’s a breakdown of our streamlined process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We start everything by getting to know you and your needs! After your initial call, our representative will contact you to fetch what you want. Based on this information, we’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote tailored to your needs. If you don’t like our consultation, you can give us feedback and we’ll try to devise a different approach.

Step 2: Detailed Relocation Planning

Once you give us a green signal, we start your residential moving project in detail. One of us will communicate with you and find proper solutions for you. He will be your point person. His job will be to create a personalized moving plan, including packing and unpacking schedules and addressing any questions. Once we find each other on the same page, we move forward.

Step 3: The Moving Day

On the moving day, our experienced movers arrive on time with high-quality packing materials. They’ll properly pack your belongings and make sure nothing is left behind. We have our appropriate and modern methods for loading and packing. Hence, each item will be in the truck despite its size and fragility.

Step 4: Delivery from A to B

After loading your belongings into our fastest moving trucks, we will start the delivery phase. A lot of things depend on a good delivery system. Hence, we make sure to train our folks properly for this. The inside of the trucks is covered with moving blankets. As a result, it absorbs maximum jerks and vibration.

Step 5: Unpacking & Setup (Optional)

For added convenience, we offer unpacking and setup services for an additional fee. This allows you to focus on settling into your new home while our team takes care of the rest. If you don’t need this, we wrap up the process and go for the billing part.

We believe in clear and consistent communication throughout the entire process. So, one of us will keep you updated every step of the way, so you’re always informed. This is how the whole procedure ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Edmonton Movers Pro help me pack?

Yes, Edmonton Movers Pro will help you pack for your move. We offer comprehensive packing and unpacking solutions for our customers. So, if you need assistance here, we will be more than happy to offer you.

Do I need to pack household items separately?

Yes, you should pack household items separately. It will make sure your move is happening in an organized mode. As a result, when you arrive at your new place, unpacking, and placing items would become much easier.

Does Edmonton Movers Pro provide packing materials?

At Edmonton Movers Pro, we provide top-quality packing materials. This way, you don’t need to get these from elsewhere. We have that for you.

How much money do I require to relocate my home in Edmonton?

There is no fixed number for this. It depends on a lot of features, such as distance, time, and the complexity of the move. So, call us now to understand that in detail.

Can I book a move early in Edmonton?

Yes, you can book a move early in Edmonton. In fact, at Edmonton Movers Pro, we encourage people to book their moves as early as possible.